Intro to the Router

In this one-day class, you’ll learn about the anatomy of a router, shapes and styles of router bits, and techniques to avoid tear-out.

After learning how to properly use a hand-held router, the class advances to the router table, learning its construction and operation. You’ll design, machine, and construct your own stacked molding plus jointly build raised panel doors, incorporating the skills learned throughout the day. You are encouraged to bring in your own router if you have one; if not, routers will be provided.

What You Learn

Anatomy of a router, shapes & styles of router bits, and the operation/use of hand-held routers and the router table.

All The Details

Cost: $130 (including materials)

Meeting Times: 1 Saturday 8:00 am – 4:30 pm

Prerequisite: None.

Please Bring: 12′  – 16′ tape measure, pencil and paper, and safety glasses/ear protection if you have them, and a handheld router (optional)

Instructor: Dave Nauman

Recommended Tools: None.