Previous Classes

Check out the class photos and videos below, giving you a flavor of life in the shop. Please keep in mind that beginning in 2020, students will no longer build custom kitchens as part of the program.

Class of 2021

(l-r) (back row) Jamie, Francisco, Brian (Instructor), Garrett, Greg (Instructor), Sander. (front row) Joe, Will, Karin

2021 Photos

2021 Video

Class of 2020

(l-r) (back row) Sam, Ian, Travis, Will, Bryce, Spencer, Dennis, Jim. (front row) Jason, Rushelle, Kieghan

2020 Photos

2020 Video

Class of 2019

(l-r) (back row) Greg Larson (instructor), Daniel, Jake, Larry, Brian (instructor), Maegan, Evan. (front row) Jon, Victor

2019 Photos

2019 Video

Class of 2018

(l-r) (back row) Greg Larson (instructor), Jeremiah, Brian (instructor), Leah, Ciaran. Michael, Kevin, Drew (instructor), Matt. (front row) Gilad, Nate, Becca, Dan

2018 Photos

2018 Video

Class of 2017

(l-r) (back row) Greg Larson (instructor), Whitt, Thomas, Brian (instructor), Matt, Jake. (front row) Marianne, Chris. (not pictured) Craig.

2017 Photos

2017 Video

Class of 2016

(l-r) Greg Larson (instructor), Curt, Nate, Nathan, Jeff, Paul

2016 Photos

2016 Video

Class of 2015

(Front row, l-r) Garett, Phinehas, Travis, Cameron, Sean
(Back row, l-r) Drew Palmore (instructor), Greg Larson (instructor), Ed, Kevin, Emily, Dylan, Andrew, Dean, Brian Mulcahy (Instructor)

2015 Photos

2015 Video

Class of 2014

(Front row, l-r) Patrick, Jason, Caitlin
(Back row, l-r) Greg Larson (instructor), Conor, John, Brian Mulcahy (instructor), Alon, and Joe.

2014 Photos

2014 Video

Class of 2013

(Front row, l-r) Bryant, Don, Patrick, Seth
(Back row, l-r) Greg Larson (instructor), Willie, Beth, Jesse, Greg, Chris, Adam, Sean, Brian Mulcahy (instructor)

2013 Photos

2013 Video

Class of 2012

(l-r) Greg Larson (instructor), Richard, Matt, Laurie, Paul, Mike, Jack, Sean, and Ryan

2012 Photos

2012 Video

Class of 2011 (Morning)

(l-r) Greg Larson (instructor), Dan, Matt, Doug, Marion, Harry, Monika, Glenn Leonard (instructor), Pete, Katie, and Jack

Class of 2011 (Afternoon)

(l-r) Greg Larson (instructor), Joe, Billy, Paul, Glenn Leonard (instructor), Richard, and Jacob

2011 Video

2011 Photos (Morning)

2011 Photos (Afternoon)

Class of 2010 (Morning)

(l-r) Greg Larson (instructor), Ethan, Chris, Stephanie, Greg, James, Jim, and Ray

Class of 2010 (Afternoon)

(l-r) Glenn Leonard (instructor), John, Travis, Ethan, Andrew, William, Erik, Steve, Charles, Zach, and Ryan

2010 Video

2010 Photos (Morning)

2010 Photos (Afternoon)

Class of 2009 (Morning)

(l-r) Greg Larson (instructor), Dan, Bob, Ashton, Jonathon, Brendan, Amber, Arlin, James, Dustin, Tim, and James

Class of 2009 (Afternoon)

(l-r) Ted, Luke, Eric, Glenn Leonard (instructor), Chris, George, Bob, Nick, Daniel, Dennis

Sorry! No video from this year.

2009 Photos (Morning)

2009 Photos (Afternoon)