Build a Cutting Board

Design and build your own maple and cherry cutting board while learning the basics of woodworking machinery. This workshop is highly recommended for beginners.

You’ll start with pre-milled lumber to design your three-part board and learn how to use the jointer to create an edge joint for glueing. After the glue-up, you’ll use the planer, jointer, router table, and sandpaper to produce your final, beautiful board. Along the way, you’ll learn how to use a square and develop proper measuring techniques. You may optionally use the drill press and handheld trim router to drill and finish a hole in the corner of your board.

The instructor will demonstrate how to use the table saw to rip and cross cut lumber. We won’t spend much time on the ins & outs of the machine, so you might also consider taking our Table Saw Techniques workshop, which serves as a more thorough introduction to the workhorse of the wood shop.

You will apply one coat of finish to your board, but we recommend that you apply more when you get home. We like to use plain ol’ mineral oil, which is food-safe and available inexpensively at your local pharmacy.

Skills Learned

Lumber selection, measuring & layout, straightening an edge, glueing & clamping, planing to thickness, routing an edge, and hand sanding.

All The Details

Cost: $85 (including materials)

Meeting Times: 1 Saturday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Prerequisite: None.

Please Bring: 12′  – 16′ tape measure, pencil and paper, and safety glasses/ear protection if you have them.

Instructor: Greg Larson, Margaret Larson

Recommended Tools: None.