Milling Rough Lumber

You need this workshop if:

  • You’re frustrated with pre-milled lumber that’s neither flat nor square.
  • You want to build fine furniture or cabinetry.
  • You want to skip over Intro to Fine Woodworking and move straight into Build a Shaker Table or Cabinetmaking.

Over the course of one Saturday afternoon or two week nights, you will learn to mill rough lumber “4 square” by using the jointer to flatten the face of a board, the planer to bring it to the proper thickness and the jointer again to straighten an edge. At each step, the instructor will explain how to set up and properly use the machine for milling.

During the milling process, a table saw is used to cut the lumber to size. Because the table saw is such an important tool, we have a dedicated Table Saw Techniques workshop.

Please note that in order to fully understand the milling process, you must take Wood Theory prior to this workshop.

What You Learn

Proper use of the jointer and planer to mill rough lumber, how to decide which side of the board to flatten first, how to use a small woodworking square, and how to know if lumber is truly flat and square.

All The Details

Cost: $80 (includes materials)

Meeting Times: 1 Saturday, 11 am -5 pm, two evenings, 6:30 – 9:30 pm

Prerequisite: Wood Theory (conveniently offered in one week night OR Saturday morning session)

Please Bring: A small woodworking square (optional)

Instructor: Greg Larson, Brian Mulcahy

Recommended Tools: A high quality adjustable square. We like this 4″ version available at Lee Valley.