Build an Adirondack Chair

Join us as we guide you through the building of an iconic outdoor chair that will quickly become a favorite at your house. Sometimes, our students take this with other family members so that they can go home with two and don’t have to share!

Even with little or no woodworking experience, you’ll gain confidence as you learn to safely use a miter saw, table saw, band saw and router. At the end of the class, you’ll be comfortable with a variety of processes and equipment in the shop and have your own western red cedar Adirondack chair ready for a finish of your choice.

Note: this workshop uses pre-milled cedar. If you would like to learn how to mill rough lumber, take a look at our Intro to Fine Woodworking or Milling Rough Lumber workshops.

All The Details

Cost: $310 (including materials)

Meeting Times: Options: 6 sessions 6:30 – 9:30 or one weekend (Sat/Sun from 8 – 5).

Prerequisite: None.

Please Bring: 12′ – 16′ tape measure, pencil and paper, and safety glasses/ear protection if you have them. The instructor may also ask you to bring in a portable drill/driver for the last few class sessions if you have one.

Instructor: Geoff McKonly

Recommended Tools: None.