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Shelf with inlay detail


Bedside tables under construction

I had absolutely no woodworking experience when I took my first class four years ago. After taking Fine Woodworking Level 1 & 2, I realized I can actually build high-quality furniture for my home. My first project after finishing Level 2 was to make matching bedside tables from a simple plan I bought on the internet. After the bedside tables, I took an inlay class, so my next project was a hanging wall shelf with some basic inlay. My current project is a coffee table from a design in Fine Woodworking magazine, and I’m working on a design of my own for a stereo cabinet that will match the coffee table.

The real value of Open Shop is the people. Instructor Brian Mulcahy is both deeply knowledgeable and a very creative thinker. When I was building my hanging wall shelf, he suggested I include a secret compartment; on my current coffee table project, he suggested a couple of small modifications to the plan that have made it a more interesting piece. It’s also great to have the other Open Shop folks around to share ideas and inspiration. There’s a real sense of community, and everyone is quick to pitch in for a complicated glue-up or other business where an extra pair of hands is useful.

I recommend Open Shop for anyone who wants to get right to work on a project instead of spending time and money acquiring major pieces of equipment. Why struggle to break down sheet goods with a circular saw when there’s a professional panel saw available? Access to the equipment is great, but it also comes with instruction and advice from people passionate about woodworking.

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We are no longer accepting new students for Open Shop, as we are winding down the program. Current students should use the Purchase Hours button to buy more hours.