Hand Cut Joinery

Sharpen your skills with this six-week, hands-on workshop where you learn how to properly use hand tools, including saws and chisels, to create beautiful hand cut joinery. The instructor begins by demonstrating the techniques for cutting dovetail (both through and half-blind) and mortise & tenon joints, and the remaining class sessions are devoted to practice, practice, practice.

Mastering the skill of hand cut joinery takes both practice and patience, and the instructor will be right there to provide guidance and helpful problem-solving tips.

While you’re working on your joints, the instructor will discuss properties of wood, hand tool selection and application of the joints in woodworking. You’ll even visit his shop upstairs to look at his completed furniture pieces and works-in-progress.

Don’t forget to take our one-day Sharpening Hand Tools Workshop first, as you will be much more successful if you use sharp tools. The instructor will not be able to sharpen your tools for you during class.

What You Learn

Correct use of the dovetail saw, chisels and marking gauge, making through and half-blind dovetails, and making wedged mortise & tenon joints.

All The Details

Cost: $235 (includes materials)

Meeting Times: 6 sessions 6:30 – 9:30 pm

Prerequisite: Sharpening Hand Tools is highly recommended. If your tools aren’t sharp, you will find the work much more difficult.

Please Bring: Bench chisels, a dovetail saw, marking knife, and a small square. You can optionally bring a marking gauge, coping saw, or bevel gauge. We have safety glasses for your use, but feel free to bring your own.

Instructor: Bill Hewitt

Recommended Tools: Both Lee-Nielsen and Lee Valley offer a good selection of the tools you need.